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We’re so confident of providing total satisfaction that we allow our clients to defer their final payment for an entire 3 MONTHS after completion!

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Clients use ‘before and after’ photographs to tell you about their projects.


Designing Your Dream Bathroom

It involves countless decisions. First choosing a traditional or a modern look; then deciding on the merits of corner baths, freestanding baths, panelled baths, single ended baths, double ended baths, roll top baths, cast iron baths, natural stone baths, walk in baths, shower cubicles, free standing hand basins, wall mounted toilets, floor tiling, wall tiling and wall cabinets.

We promise not to swamp you with details. Instead we’ll focus on your available space, and ask questions designed to interpret the picture you have in your mind. Most people have one – their own personal dream. That’s the purpose of our Design Consultations – to explore and crystallise design preferences, then present you with attainable options complete with ball park estimates.

It takes time. Design Consultations often last hours; designing a dream bathroom to match your budget is no easy task – but usually we get there, and always strive to live up to our unparalleled reputation for delivering top value for money.


All of our bedroom projects are a consequence of our work elsewhere in the house. Most in demand is cabinetry – built-in wardrobes and such – often extending over a wall, or turning wasteful alcoves into beneficial storage space. And without exception, clients want their furniture hand painted. Having used a new colour scheme to transform their kitchens, they want the same wide and exciting choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. So back come our specialist painters to apply the finishing touch.

If this way of working appeals to you please give us a ring on 01483 351240 – or better still, book your very own DESIGN CONSULTATION.

Hand Painted Furniture for Kitchens, Bathrooms & Bedrooms

Colours that look so right in a brochure can look all wrong in your home. That wonderful duck egg blue becomes a battleship grey, yellows turn muddy browns and so on.

Everything depends on the light, and in turn light varies with location. Which is why we never deliver furniture already painted. Instead it arrives protected by two coats of primer and remains that way until fully installed – which is when our specialist painters arrive to apply the finishing touch.

And guess what? People change their minds. When they see their new furniture in situ people often reconsider their chosen colours – some even opt for a different colour scheme entirely. Which is why our specialist painters are in the right place at the right time. It also explains why we are able to GUARANTEE hand painted furniture in EXACTLY the shade of your choice.

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