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We’re so confident of providing total satisfaction that we allow our clients to defer their final payment for an entire 3 MONTHS after completion!

Case Studies

Clients use ‘before and after’ photographs to tell you about their projects.


Set a beautifully made door inside a hardwood frame, hang it on butt hinges, and it will open smoothly every time, time after time, year after year. That’s in-frame. In the trade it’s seen as cabinet making at its very finest – in the home it’s seen as a valued and treasured heirloom.

Our in-frame kitchens, hand built by top craftsman, last a lifetime. Open a cupboard, pull out a drawer, run a hand over a surface, and the sheer quality is as obvious as the ingenuity displayed in the clever corner units, the capacious larders and built in appliances.

Incidentally all of our kitchens are bespoke, including our EXPRESS range which we’ve used in individual designs for dozens of kitchens. However our in-frame furniture is sometimes called ‘extra bespoke’ because it’s made to measure – and made to order – and hand crafted and finished by highly skilled craftsmen.

All of which makes it very special. In-frame furniture makes possible the ultimate fitted kitchen (or fitted bedroom) because every piece is made to measure. Awkward alcoves become awkward no longer and instead become incorporated into a seamless expanse of cabinetry. Space is used to maximum benefit. Visual effects can be absolutely stunning.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are REAL kitchens, installed in REAL homes owned by REAL clients. We’ve put plenty on show in the hope that one will catch your eye – maybe make you wonder what we could do with your kitchen. What would it cost? How long would it take? What are your options? We’d love to talk it over with you. Why not give us a call on 01483 351240, or better still book a Design Consultation.

Hand Painted Furniture for Kitchens, Bathrooms & Bedrooms

Colours that look so right in a brochure can look all wrong in your home. That wonderful duck egg blue becomes a battleship grey, yellows turn muddy browns and so on.

Everything depends on the light, and in turn light varies with location. Which is why we never deliver furniture already painted. Instead it arrives protected by two coats of primer and remains that way until fully installed – which is when our specialist painters arrive to apply the finishing touch.

And guess what? People change their minds. When they see their new furniture in situ people often reconsider their chosen colours – some even opt for a different colour scheme entirely. Which is why our specialist painters are in the right place at the right time. It also explains why we are able to GUARANTEE hand painted furniture in EXACTLY the shade of your choice.

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